The injection molding process parameters are fully prepared
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The molten plastic particles are formed into injection molded products during the injection molding process. This process is still relatively complicated. It requires the injection molding engineer to pay attention to some injection molding process parameters. The quality requirements of the final injection molded product have been guaranteed. Then the injection molding process needs to pay attention to those processes The parameters.

One: injection molding product molding cycle, which also includes injection time and product cooling time. The effective control of these times has a profound impact on the quality of the product. Before injection molding, we should clarify the product through the style of the sample and other methods. Molding cycle.

Second: the temperature of the injection mold, different plastic particles, the temperature and speed of crystallization are different, and the appearance, deformation, size, rubber mold, etc. of the product have different requirements, which all make the injection mold In the case of using different plastics, product requirements, etc., the mold temperature control is different.


Third: the injection pressure of molten plastic. The plastic faces a lot of resistance during the process of filling the mold cavity. This makes the injection pressure directly determine the size, weight, density, appearance, etc. of the product.

  Affect any one of the injection mold factors, then the product becomes a scrap product, which requires the injection engineer to reasonably define the injection pressure control based on the comprehensive factors of the product.

  Fourth: The injection speed, the speed of the injection speed has an important influence on the final appearance quality of the product, and the injection speed generally needs to be achieved by adjusting the amount of oil supplied to the injection cylinder per unit time.

Fifth: The temperature of the barrel and the temperature of the melt. The temperature of the melt can be measured at the nozzle or by the air jet method. The melt temperature plays a major role in the flow properties of the melt. There is no specific melting point for plastics. The so-called melting point is A temperature range in the molten state, the control of the two temperatures also plays a vital role in the quality of the product.


The process parameters that need to be paid attention to in the injection molding process generally include the above, and these process parameters are not distinguished between primary and secondary. Each factor is very important to the quality of injection molded products. It is necessary for injection molding engineers to select different products according to different products. , Different plastic types and other product information, to reasonably formulate the reference of process parameters, and to ensure the quality requirements of the products.

The design of the injection mold is a very complex and arduous task. The injection molding process needs to understand the full range of information about the target plastic injection part. Therefore, we should make sufficient preparations before the injection mold design to prevent large-scale problems in the design process. Adjustment.


First: Be familiar with the geometric shapes of plastic parts, clarify the requirements for use. In addition to understanding the drawings and establishing a clear three-dimensional image in your mind, you must also fully understand the purpose of the plastic parts, what are the roles of each part of the plastic The molding shrinkage rate, transparency, dimensional tolerance, surface roughness and allowable deformation range of the parts.

Second: review the structural craftsmanship of the plastic parts, and confirm whether the details of the plastic parts meet the technological conditions of injection molding. A high-quality mold not only depends on the correctness of the mold structure, but also depends on whether the structure of the plastic part can meet the molding process Requirements.

   Third: Learn more about the specifications and models of the injection machine. Before designing, determine what type and specification of the injection machine is used, so that you can have a target in the mold design and correctly handle the relationship between the injection mold and the injection machine.

  Only by mastering the above steps, can we avoid unexpected things in the process of injection mold design and ensure that the overall progress of injection molding products is not affected by injection molds.

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