Application of gas in injection mold and instant heating technology
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Rapid mold temperature injection molding technology is also called high-gloss injection molding technology. It uses a dynamic mold temperature control method, which divides the injection mold temperature control into four stages: heating, high temperature holding, cooling, and low temperature holding, and in a short time Quickly realize the above 4 temperature change processes.
  The rapid mold temperature injection molding process uses various heating methods before injection to quickly heat the injection mold cavity to above the thermal deformation temperature of the polymer, and make the injection mold cavity filled with the polymer melt, and it is always maintained during the pressure holding process The constant temperature value ensures that the plastic melt maintains good fluidity during the filling process, so that the melt can be well fused with each other in the injection mold cavity.

In the later stage of pressure holding, use the cooling medium to quickly cool the injection mold. When the temperature of the plastic part drops to the ejection temperature, the injection mold is opened and the injection molded product is taken out, thereby completing an injection molding process cycle.

There are three main methods for gas application in rapid variable temperature injection molding: compressed hot air method, steam heating method and flame heating method. Except for different air sources, the principles of the three methods are similar. Compressed hot air variable mold temperature control principle, Before injection, the compressed hot air is injected into the cavity through the gating system for preheating, and the air is drawn out through the exhaust port, and then the compressed hot air is turned off, and the injection is performed.


The preheating temperature of the mold wall is controlled by the preheating layer, the thickness of the insulating layer, the temperature of the compressed hot air, the pressure and the heating time. When the cavity is complex and the forming material is low, the composite mold wall can also be used without the use of compression heat. The air is heated.

The partial enlarged view of the cavity heated by the compressed hot air of the injection mold shows the air passage and related structure of the gas in and out of the mold. In this variable mold temperature control method, a vacuum pump is generally required to vacuum the cavity before filling. , It happens to be used in conjunction with compressed hot air injection equipment, but its disadvantages are low heating efficiency, slow heating speed, and poor economy.


The patented technology involves rapid heating and cooling of the molding technology of the mold. The mold can be quickly cooled by the water cooling system installed on the mold surface. Because the conduction system only needs to heat the mold surface, this unique process greatly shortens the processing cycle. RocTool can use the mold surface The different thermal conductivity of materials heats a certain part of the mold to a higher temperature as required. For example, a set surface area on the surface of a class A car. This technology is dedicated to mass production and is a good processing for thermoset and thermoplastic materials. solution.

  What is "CageSystem" injection molding technology.


CageSystem can accurately heat and cool the surface of injection molding tools within a few seconds, thereby shortening the processing cycle and reducing energy consumption, as well as saving material costs by manufacturing thinner-walled parts, thereby opening up a wide range of new technologies for the plastics industry. Application areas, especially in large surface parts such as automobile bumpers, consumer electronic control panels, and automobile exterior parts. RocTool has developed a more flexible thermally conductive molding system, which is equipped with a non-conductive wood outside the traditional steel mold The structure or'cage' has a conductive coil inside, so that even ordinary molds produced by ordinary mold factories can also use this newly created heat conduction system even in injection molding. The conductive coil is equipped with a quick disconnect mechanism to facilitate mold replacement. The installation of the equipment can be completed again within a few hours.

   The key advantage of RocTool's'CageSystem'.

The main advantages of RocTool\'sCageSystem include: improving the surface quality of the workpiece without obvious weld lines, using low-viscosity thermoplastics, such as polypropylene (polypropylene) to produce thinner-walled mold parts, reducing injection pressure by 30-50% , Improve the rheological properties of the surface of the part. When the hot particles reach the hot surface, it improves the fluidity of the polymer, increases the potential of the application of plastic materials, completely new structure/soft contact, heat/anti-barrier and other large-area parts components, injection The lower stress of the plastic material in the stage enhances the performance of high-viscosity engineering/superpolymers.


Elimination of weld lines and superior surface quality of components to improve appearance performance, such as automotive parts (internal and external panels), TV and computer housings/accessories, telephones and all components where surface quality is critical.

CageSystem technology reduces energy consumption by 60% (conservative estimate), no carbon dioxide emissions, the temperature of the entire component remains constant, the initial temperature of 130 ℃ (gas can not pass, this is a real sense of high competitiveness technology) large area Crosswise, this allows RocToolto to produce parts at an injection molding temperature of 130°C to 350°C.

The injection molding process parameters are fully prepared

Precision injection molding process heat treatment and production process

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