Plastic injection molds use steel properties and continue to adapt to new technologies
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Injection molds generally need to work in a high temperature environment of 150 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius when manufacturing plastic products in an injection molding machine. Therefore, the selection of raw materials in the process of manufacturing injection molds requires great attention. This will It plays a crucial role in determining the overall service life of the injection mold and the quality of the plastic products produced in the later period. So what performance requirements need to be met when selecting the raw materials for the injection mold steel.


1. Sufficient surface hardness and wear resistance.

The hardness of the injection mold is usually below 50-60HRC. The heat-treated mold should have sufficient surface hardness to ensure that the mold has sufficient rigidity. The mold must withstand greater compressive stress and friction due to the filling and flow of injection molding during work. , The mold is required to maintain the shape accuracy and the stability of the dimensional accuracy to ensure that the mold has sufficient service life. The wear resistance of the mold depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment hardness of the steel. Therefore, increasing the hardness of the mold is beneficial to enhancing its wear resistance.

  Second, excellent machinability.

   In addition to EMD processing, most injection molding molds require certain cutting processing and fitter repair. In order to extend the service life of cutting tools, enhance cutting performance, and reduce surface roughness of injection molds, the hardness of the steel used for injection molds must be appropriate.


3. Carbon steel of grade 50 has certain strength and wear resistance. After quenching and tempering, it is mostly used as mold base material. After heat treatment, high carbon tool steel and low alloy tool steel have higher strength and wear resistance. It is mostly used for forming parts, but high-carbon tool steel is only suitable for manufacturing small-sized and simple-shaped formed parts due to its large heat treatment deformation.

  Four, good thermal stability.

The shape of the parts of the injection mold is often complicated and difficult to process after quenching. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the one with good thermal stability as much as possible. When the two-color mold is formed by heat treatment, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the heat treatment deformation is small, and the size caused by the temperature difference The change rate is small, the metallographic structure and the mold size are stable, and the processing can be reduced or no longer needed to ensure the mold size accuracy and surface roughness requirements.


Five, good polishing performance.

For high-quality two-color injection molded products, the surface roughness of the cavity is required to be small. For example, the surface roughness of the injection mold cavity is required to be less than Ra0.1~0.25, and the optical surface requires Ra<0.01nm. Polishing reduces the surface roughness value. For this reason, the selected steel requires less processing quality, fine and uniform structure, no fiber directionality, and no pitting or orange peel defects during polishing.


As people's demand for plastic products continues to increase, more requirements are put forward for the appearance, performance, cost and other aspects of the product. On this basis, various new injection moldings such as large injection molding, complex injection molding, and precision injection molding have been produced. Technology, as an important equipment for injection molding, injection mold occupies a core position in the promotion and use of plastic products. Therefore, injection molds are also required to continuously adapt to the development of new technologies and make corresponding improvements and improvements on the original basis. Innovation.

Through the above analysis of the research status and development trend of China's injection molds, it can be seen that with the use of advanced technology, China's injection molds have developed rapidly. However, compared with many developed countries, China still has a lot of Gap, many design concepts and manufacturing processes of injection molds need to refer to foreign experience, and many sophisticated, high-end, and complex molds need to be imported.


Therefore, we need to combine other advanced technologies on the basis of the current research level, further strengthen the innovation of China's injection molds, increase scientific and technological investment, and create more economic and social benefits.

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