• Injection mold workshop

    The company now has a series of mold manufacturing equipment such as machining center, high-speed machining center, electric pulse, wire cutting, lathe, milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, punching machine, etc.; whether the customer provides 2D drawings, 3D drawings, physical samples, we Our mold engineers and mold designers can make customer-satisfied design plans according to customer requirements. At the same time, depending on the complexity of the product, the general development cycle is about four to six weeks.

  • Injection production workshop

    The company continuously introduces advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad, continuously strengthens product technology, design and manufacturing, and has achieved excellent results, and strictly controls every key production link. It not only improves the technical level of the enterprise, but also guarantees the quality of the products.

  • Printing workshop

    The assembly workshop has a series of equipment such as assembly lines, high-frequency machines, blister packaging and sealing machines, punches, ultrasonic welding machines, detectors, pressure-resistant appliances, etc.; professional and efficient assemblers, from assembling electrical appliances to other various product performance to ensure strict and Test inspection. The printing workshop has a series of equipment including seven screen printers, four pad printers, three UV curing machines, and three ovens. From making screens to printing products, professional and efficient technicians will test and inspect to ensure that the products are qualified.

  • Assembly workshop

    We have successively introduced several two-color injection molding machines in early 19th. Our accumulated experience in making overmolding molds over the years has also been used. Therefore, you don't have to worry about our technology being inferior to professional manufacturers of two-color molds. However, I feel that the entire product is packaged for a mold factory, so that the data will be better controlled, including single-color plastic molds, two-color plastic molds, and silicone rubber molds.

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